Sunday, March 26, 2017

Top 3 Affordable Dedicated Servers for Small Business

Dedicated virtual servers hosting give the user full control in managing the server. This degree of control enables a user to take advantage of prime features like high level of uptime, speed, and customization.

Dedicated server hosting means you have full ownership of a server and you do not share this with other sites. This can be very expensive; but there are affordable dedicated servers that can give a bang for your buck.

3 Best Dedicated Servers with Reasonable Prices

Dedicated hosting is the best choice especially if you are currently experiencing high levels of traffic or is priming to optimize load-time performance. Check out the top 3 dedicated servers that will provide top-notch services worth the price tag:
  1. Servers – If you are looking to rack and rank up your business, this is how you do it. Servers offers cheap yet reliable dedicated severs and cloud service. The company is one of the largest and most reputable virtual servers hosting and cloud service provider all over the world and servicing many businesses around the world. You are assured of high quality dedicated hosting with engineering services that can accommodate Windows, Linux, and VMware. The combination and collaboration of different digital services allow businesses to step up their game plan.
  2. ServerPronto – If you are looking for cheap dedicated servers, this one scores the highest points as it guarantees 100% uptime. The target clientele is geared towards the mid- to high-end market. Their cheapest dedicated server costs only $39.95 but it’s a fairly decent yet low-end server with 2GB of RAM, dual core, and 500GB of disk space. There are other higher-end dedicated server options to choose from but are available at higher prices as well. They can also set up a dedicated server for your company for as quick as an hour. The biggest selling point for this company is their low price which is set below industry average with everything you need in one platter; there are no unnecessary add-ons that will beef up the charges. ServerPronto has indeed capitalized on large-scale companies that are looking for low cost servers.
  3. Single Hop – This web hosting provider is known for its superb customer support and affordable dedicated servers. The company which was established in 2006 has 2 data centers and is also acclaimed as the number 1 Fastest Growing IaaS Around 5,500 companies entrust their businesses with Single Hop. Dedicated virtual servers hosting plans start at $99 per month. They have on-demand servers which ensure high-powered and high-intensity performance that is suitable for superlative demand of horsepower. A single hop definitely is all it needs to kickstart success. You get the best internet infrastructure at a price that won’t leave you shortchanged for a bit.

These top 3 affordable dedicated servers certainly boost your savings without compromising the quality of services. There really are no bit-players in the industry of virtual servers hosting especially when you get to benefit from the best of both worlds.

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